Crafts for Sunday School for Apostle Paul

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In the Bible, the Apostle Paul has a life story filled with valuable lessons for Sunday school students. Paul converted from Judaism to Christianity and was very loyal to his new beliefs. The apostle travelled extensively through the Middle East, taught Christianity to new followers and was imprisoned. Making craft projects about Paul can give your Sunday school students a hands-on approach to learning his inspiring life story.

Paul and Silas

Paul and his companion Silas were missionaries, and during their travels they were arrested and thrown in jail. In jail, they would sing and pray, and they were eventually freed. Have the Sunday schoolchildren make depictions of Paul and Silas in jail. Pass out a shoebox to each child and have them cut bars into the top. Paint the box grey. The children can then make modelling clay depictions of Paul and Silas and their jail cell. Put the top on to represent the missionaries' time in jail; remove the top to free them.

Stormy Seas Edible Craft

Make a craft project with your Sunday school students that has a sweet reward at the end. Create edible depictions of Paul and the stormy sea in which he was caught. Prepare blue jello before class and bring it in. Give each child a serving bowl. Spoon the jello into the bowl to represent the ocean. Spray whipped cream on top to represent the foaming waves. Each child can then make a chocolate bar boat by making a paper sail, sticking it on a toothpick and sticking the toothpick into the chocolate. Give each child several gummy fish to add to the bowl as well.

Paul's Escape

In the book of Acts, Paul escapes the walled city of Damascus when he is lowered in a basket. Make a craft project to represent this time in his life. Find a printable cutout of Paul or have each child colour her own version. Each child takes one egg holder from an egg carton and punches one hole on either side. Colour or paint the basket brown and put Paul inside. Thread a string through each hole and attach the string to a pencil. Wind up the string and then unroll it when you want to lower Paul.

Paul and Barnabas

Combine the story of Paul and Barnabas with a discussion in Sunday school. This craft is appropriate for young children. Draw or print an outline of Paul and Barnabas and make enough copies for the class. While you're telling the story of how the two travelled together spreading the word of Jesus, have the children colour in the outlines. Use a glue stick to attach the colouring page to a thin piece of cardboard or poster board. Have the children use safety scissors to cut out the figures. Glue each figure to a craft stick to make a puppet and encourage the children to act out what Paul and Barnabas may have told followers.

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