Furniture Ideas for Mobile Homes

Andy Reynolds/Lifesize/Getty Images

Mobile homes provide for convenient relocation of your residence, but not for a whole lot of space. Whether you use your mobile home for trips or live in it on a daily basis, ensuring it is comfortable requires some thought to the type of furniture you use.

If you are furnishing a new mobile home or renovating an old one, learning some space-saving ideas for furniture can make it a comfortable living space.

Folding Furniture

Foldable furniture is one popular option for filling your mobile homes. This furniture can be folded up to make it take up less space such as a mattress that folds up into or against a wall when not in use. A stowaway dining table is a good idea to save kitchen space, and has legs that can be folded up allowing the tabletop to be secured against the wall. Head to your local mobile home or home appliance store to find this kind of furniture and have it properly installed.

Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture comes in a variety of pieces, from blowup chairs and couches to mattresses. Carry a pump on hand to quickly blow up furniture, like seating, when needed and deflate and store when done. Instead of a mattress taking up an area of your mobile home, free up floor space and use an air bed you can deflate in the morning and wrap up to allow for space during the daytime hours. Inflatable furniture can also easily be moved and used outside your mobile home, for enjoying a picnic or cocktail in the fresh air.

Minimise Existing Furniture

Consider taking small, removable pieces off of existing furniture in your mobile home to save a little room. For example, kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors can be removed and you can hang rods on the inside of cabinets and drape decorative fabrics. Also, instead of having a microwave take up counter space, mount it under one of the cabinets or from the ceiling.

Furniture With Storage

Furniture with built-in storage will clear up clutter in your home and make it more spacious for you and loved ones. There are booths, couches and seats that open up to allow you to store items within. Mattresses that contain drawers underneath are another idea for storage furniture. You could also take plain chairs and line their bases with curtains, then store items under the chairs to be hidden by the curtains you've strung.

Lighter Colors

Whatever kind of furniture you select, opt for lighter colours. For wood furniture, such as tables and chairs opt for lighter finishes, such as oak. For fabric pieces, try pastels or bright colours. Dark colours can make a space appear smaller than it is, so stick with light when purchasing furniture. Also, avoid furniture that is large and bulky, such as overstuffed armchair or sofas.