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Ideas for thank you messages on invoices

Updated October 30, 2018

Including a thank you note on an invoice accomplishes several things: it lets the client or customer know their business is appreciated and it provides an opportunity to further cement the relationship and possibly take business dealings to another level. Invoices that contain a thank you note are also viewed as being more personal in nature and will let a company or individual client know that personal customer service is a priority and that their business and/or purchase is valued by the company.

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Simple Appreciation

A thank you message of simple appreciation is always appropriate, as it conveys a sincere thanks for the opportunity to conduct business. Example: "Thank you for your business. Your continued patronage is appreciated and we look forward to doing business with you again in the future."

Promote Another Product

Use an invoice as an opportunity to sell related merchandise or services. Example: "Thank you for your purchase of the Generic DVD Player. For blank DVDs, DVD burners and DVD cleaning supplies, please call or visit our website (address)."

Offer a Discount on Future Purchases

Use an invoice as a way to bring customers back for additional purchases in the future by offering a discount or other incentive, such as free shipping or a two-for-one offer. Example: "We appreciate your recent purchase. As our way of saying 'thanks,' please accept this coupon for 10 per cent off your next order."

Cross Promote

Cross-promote your website and social media networks in the "thank you" section of invoices. Example: "Thank you for your recent purchase. To learn more about our varied line of products and services, please visit our website (address) and follow us on Twitter and Facebook."

Advertise Sales

Let customers know about upcoming sales and promotions through the "thank you" section of invoices. Example: "As always, thanks for your business! Please be sure to visit our store the week of August 25th when we'll offer 25 per cent off all summer merchandise!"

Ask for a Referral

Use an invoice thank you to ask for referrals to other potential customers. Example: "Thank you for your business. Your continued patronage tells us you like the way we do business. Recommend us to a friend or business associate and get 10 per cent off your next order!"

Encourage Prompt Payment

In an effort to keep an invoice from being slowly shuffled through an accounting system, encourage fast processing in an invoice thank you. Example: "Thank you for your business. Your prompt payment of this invoice is greatly appreciated."

Hand Write a Note of Personal Thanks

An especially effective technique for small businesses is to hand write a personal note of thanks on invoices. If there is a main contact in the organisation being billed, address that person by name and use an informal tone. Example: "Hi Bill -- Thanks again for the business, you know how much we appreciate you. We'll have to get together for lunch sometime soon. Take care, Sally."

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