How to have an anonymous mail drop

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An anonymous mail drop is a service that receives mail on your behalf which it either holds for you to pick up in person, or re-mails to you in another envelope at your address of choice. A physical address or P.O. Box registered with a mail drop service offers privacy while effectively serving as your postal address.

If you do business from locations around the world, a mail drop functions as a "virtual office."

Open an account online with a mail drop service, such as Offshore Simple or Manchester Maildrop (see Resources). Read all terms and conditions when prompted.

Click on your preferred shipping speed when choosing your plan. For example, some mail-drop plans redirect your mail via next-day air, second-day air or priority shipping. The quicker you want to receive your mail, the higher the cost.

Enter the company name or name with which you will be receiving mail and your billing information. Anonymous mail drop services keep your actual name confidential. Select your preferred mail-drop address, if applicable. Some mail-drop services offer addresses around the world, while others have just one.

Pay for the mail-drop service, usually via secure credit card transaction. Mail services offer varying payment plans.