What Are the Advantages of Electronic Diary Systems?

computer image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.com

If you are familiar with computer technology, you might have heard of an electronic diary system and wondered what it was. Better known as EDS or PIMs (Personal Information Managers), it is a type of program that allows people to manage information and share it with others.

If you have never used one, there are several advantages to an electronic diary system that you might want to consider.

Anywhere Access

Many electronic diaries can be accessed from any computer or handheld device, provided the user has the correct sign-in information and password. This allows information to be changed, confirmed or reviewed at any time from almost anywhere in the world.


Whether you have an appointment at a set time or want to remember something on a certain day, an electronic diary system can send a reminder before the event arrives--great for once-a-year notices such as birthdays or anniversaries. The appointment calendar also will alert you about week-to-week schedules and daily events, too.


No need for correction fluid or crossing something out with a pen. If you discover a mistake or need to make a notation, just make the changes and save the new information.

Project Organization

When working on a large project, an electronic diary system can track the project's status, send information about changes or delays and update all parties involved--or just certain members, such as senior management or department heads.


Instead of going through the hassle of trying to schedule appointments or meetings with management or co-workers, you can use an electronic diary to instantly view appointment times that are available, see when training classes are offered or show times that meetings have been scheduled.