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Construction Worker Lunch Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A construction worker's lunch must be hearty, because she is usually burning calories doing the manual labour required for construction. However, the construction worker faces challenges, because often the lunch will be kept outside in a truck, or possibly a cooler. Access to refrigeration is limited, and the opportunity to heat food in a microwave or oven is usually nonexistent. You have to pack a lunch that is hearty and holds up against the elements. Always include plenty of water to help the construction worker stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Warm soup on a cold day is a comforting lunch. You can pack soup with healthy ingredients like vegetables and whole grains, which will also include fibre. The fibre will help the worker stay full longer. Add protein to the soup to support the muscles while they work. Chilli has the fibre and protein provided by beans. Add more protein with meat. You can supplement the soup with bread or crackers, which will be safe to eat even if they are not refrigerated throughout the day. Pack soup in a Thermos to keep it warm.


Elements of a sandwich will last throughout the day, but there are ways you can package the sandwich to help it be more appealing by lunchtime. If possible, wrap lettuce and tomatoes in a separate plastic bag or aluminium foil until lunchtime. On warm days, avoid putting mayonnaise on the sandwich, including tuna or chicken salad. The raw egg in mayonnaise will spoil in the heat. Supplement the sandwich with fruit. Baked goods are non-perishable, so include a slice of cake in the lunch box as well.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken can be enjoyed warm or cold, so if you have a cooler, add fried chicken to the construction worker's lunch. Pack it in an airtight container to protect it from leaks that may happen in the cooler. If you have a cooler, it is safe to include potato salad or coleslaw. You can include a garden salad, but make sure to pack dressing separately, along with a fork and napkin.


You can keep salads in a cooler. Salads made solely of fruits and vegetables may not contain the calories the worker needs to sustain a day of physical labour, but you can add various types of protein to your salad, including beans, nuts, cheese and eggs, to make it heartier. In addition, supplement the salad with a roll or muffin. Create a salad of corn, black beans, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Dress the salad with lime juice and a splash of olive oil for a healthy salad, with the fibre and protein necessary to last all day.

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