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What Foods Go With Tuna Steak?

Updated April 17, 2017

Tuna steak is a delicious alternative to typical red meat steaks or other forms of seafood. Whether grilled or seared in a pan, tuna steak is made even better by understanding what side dishes to pair it with. Depending on the flavouring ingredients that you choose to marinate your tuna steak in, certain foods will go better than others.

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Salad goes well with tuna steak, as it cleanses the palate and is light and refreshing. Keep your choice of salad dressing light, such as an oil and vinegar, perhaps with a hint of ginger. A ginger infused salad is especially good if you are using Asian flavours for your tuna steak, as it will be in the same family of flavours and taste. Tuna steak can also be cut into small pieces and actually tossed into a salad, rather than having the salad as a side dish.

Black-Eyed Pea Salsa

Tuna steak can be served with a black-eyed pea salsa and chips on the side, or on a bed of black-eyed pea salsa, such as in a salad. To make a black-eyed pea salsa, use a can of drained black-eyed peas, diced red onion, a red pepper, finely chopped tomato, olive oil and fresh coriander to taste. The flavours of the black-eyed pea salsa are mild and refreshing and therefore pair well with the flavour of the tuna steak and its marinade.


Vegetables are a crucial part of any meal, and they also help to add colour and aesthetic appeal to a plate of tuna steak. Vegetable side dishes that go well with tuna steak include a parboiled and then grilled array of zucchini, eggplant and potatoes seasoned with salt and a hint of lemon. The grilled nature of the vegetables pairs well with a grilled tuna steak, and the lemon nicely counterbalances the Asian flavours of typical tuna steak marinades. Butternut squash with sage and garlic also goes very well with tuna steak, as it enhances the existing flavours of the fish.

Neutralise the Spiciness

Since sliced ginger and wasabi are often condiments paired with tuna steak, it is best to have side dishes which are not equally or more spicy but, rather, help to balance the range of flavours and clear the palate. Breads, light pasta dishes and risotto are all side dishes that help to neutralise the intense flavours of spicy foods. Rolls and a mild pasta salad made with mayonnaise or oil are perfect side dishes for a spicy tuna steak.

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