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Plastic molds for ponds

Plastic moulds for ponds are a great choice when designing your next, or first, outdoor water garden. The advantages of a plastic mould are numerous, but include more rigid and durable construction and set dimensions to make installation a simpler task. Furthermore, plastic mould ponds are much less likely to leak as compared to their vinyl liner counterparts, which require meticulous bonding at seams to ensure watertightness.

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Size and Shape Selection

Plastic moulds for aquatic gardens and ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The notion of being limited to round ponds or a few set shapes, when opting for prefabricated pond moulds, is no longer accurate. Consider what type of pond you are intending to construct. A fish pond requires substantially more water than a pond that will only contain aquatic plants or act as a water feature. Choose a size and shape that fits the space you expect to place your pond, as one downside of plastic pond moulds is they cannot easily be expanded.

Leak Resistance

When installed, ponds of all varieties are subject to many subtle changes in the soil and endure freezing and refreezing through the winter. Plastic pond moulds hold up to some stresses better than their soft vinyl counterparts. For instance, plastic moulds will be less likely to be punctured by small roots and stones in the soil. However, the rigid plastic construction also allows for less flexing when subject to larger roots or rapidly fluctuating temperatures. Plastic moulds are excellent choices for ponds when installed correctly, in soil free of sharp rocks, and with a buffer layer of sand.

Pet Proof

If you live in a house with dogs, pet-proof pond material is a necessity. With vinyl liners, your pond is one visit from Fido away from substantial tearing and serious leakage. Plastic pond moulds can still be damaged by large dogs, but the likelihood is reduced as the plastic is a much thicker gauge and more resistant to tearing.

Availability and Cost

Plastic moulds for ponds can be purchased at virtually any big box store or hardware supply outlet. Their ability to be mass produced makes them cost significantly less than a custom-designed pond with a flexible pond liner. They are easily installed and make an outdoor water garden no more than a weekend away for any do-it-yourselfer.

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