The Effects of Fathers Rejecting Their Daughters

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A father is one of the best examples a girl has of how a man should treat women, and it's often the father who gives a girl advice on building healthy relationships with men as she becomes an adult.

Fathers also have a special responsibility to protect their daughters from people who want to harm them physically, spiritually and emotionally. When a father neglects these responsibilities, it can have a negative impact for years.

Low Self-Worth

When a father rejects his daughter, the daughter starts to develop a poor image of herself and may go through life wondering why he rejected her and whether he loves her unconditionally. For example, if a father spends more time on activities with his friends than at his daughter's school recitals or family-related outings, she starts to doubt his love. This manifests itself in various destructive behaviours.

Seeking Atention from Other Men

When a daughter is rejected by her father and she's a teen, she may look to other men for the love and attention she craves. The problem comes when some of these young men sense that she has low self-worth and take advantage of her instead of show her proper respect in the relationship. Because the teenage girl doesn't have a good example of how men should treat women, she may accept the negativity in the relationship because she fears not having someone to love her.

Rebellious Behavior

When a father doesn't show love for his daughter by setting boundaries and giving discipline when the daughter crosses those boundaries, the girl may assume the father doesn't care about her or won't show enough concern to talk about why certain actions are wrong. When she rebels, it's her way of finding out whether her father loves her.

Troubles in Parenting Their Own Children

The woman who is rejected by her father may encounter difficulties when she becomes a parent -- although this isn't the case for every woman. For example, if she didn't have a father who expressed appreciation for her or who told her how wonderful she was to him, the woman may repeat her father's negative behaviour and a cycle of neglect could begin that could last for generations.