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What Are Mono Ballet Boots?

Mono ballet boots are a rare and impractical piece of footwear. The boots are joined together at the sole so feet are attached in one solid block. Heels are high, boots are usually made from leather and are laced up the entire front length of the boot. Unlike the name suggests, these boots are not used for dancing.

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Mono ballet boots are similar in structure to contemporary ballet boots. The only difference is that both feet are joined onto one sole. As with ballet boots, the style of the boot merges a high heel and boot structure with the look of the ballet pointe shoe. Heels are 7" or higher and boot length varies between ankle and thigh. When standing, the wearer will be resting almost their entire weight on the tips of their toes. It is almost impossible to stand in ballet boots for any length of time although walking is still possible with practice. This cannot be said of mono ballet boots. As feet are joined, walking is impossible.

Construction and materials

The materials used to construct mono ballet boots need to be strong, supportive and rigid enough to support the feet in the desired position. As the wearer's weight distribution is distorted, a large amount of support is needed from the boot. Support is mostly needed for the ankles. Typical materials include leather and rubber. The boots will usually fasten up the entire front of the boot, using a single lace up across both feet.


As with many impractical items of clothing, mono ballet boots have a strong editorial image which makes them valuable for fashion shoots and advertisements. Ballet boots have been used in fashion catwalk shows but due to constricted mobility, mono ballet boots cannot be used in this way. Non mono ballet boots have also been worn by celebrities, including Beyonce. The main use of mono ballet boots in within bondage and fetish groups.


These boots are not designed to be worn for long periods of time. When wearing mono ballet boots, the feet are positioned almost vertically and there is a very high risk of falling. If the fabric or fastening is not strong enough to support the ankle, there is also a risk of ankle sprain or even breakage. Muscle cramps are also a strong possibility. Strong legs are needed to help avoid injuries and warm-up exercises are recommended before wearing.

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