Freshwater Aquarium Design Ideas

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Freshwater aquariums house several kinds of fish, including minnows, goldfish and rainbow fish. Give your fishy friends a colourful and friendly habitat by adding in some ornaments, pebbles or rocks to help make the fish tank appear more homelike. You can also include items like plants to help add a bit of oxygen, as well as some decoration, to the fish tank.


There are many freshwater plants that can be included in your aquarium, including anacharis, dwarf hairgrass and hornwort. Plants provide a touch of elegance to the fish tank, in addition to supplying the fish and other sea animals with oxygen. When you purchase a plant, make sure you are well aware of how to take care of it inside the aquarium, so that it does not die and spread pollutants. Include one or two plants in your design, but try not to place too many inside or it will be too difficult for the fish to swim and for you take proper care of the plants.

Pirates' Cove

If you're especially fond of pirates, you can find elements such as buried treasure, pirate ships and even skulls and cross bones to place in your aquarium. Just like with plants, do not place too many ornaments inside of your fish's tank, or it may make it too difficult for the fish to swim. Space them out so that your pirate booty loving fish can swim around them. Purchase your pirate's cove accessories at your local pet store or at an online pet retailer. Your fish will have new places to hide after placing your ornaments inside.

Adding Rocks and Driftwood

You may add rocks or driftwood to your aquarium to help fill up the design. Depending on the size, the fish may also be able to swim through and around it, entertaining themselves. Rocks and driftwood add a nice element to your tank, particularly if you place it in the centre, but you must purchase them from a fish supply store instead of picking some off of the ground and using it.

Lost City of Atlantis

Many people are mesmerised by the lost city of Atlantis, so convert your fish tank into the lost city itself with a few little extras. You can often purchase fish tank ornaments that resemble the city of Atlantis, complete with buried treasure and "artefacts," like sunken ships, that can be placed at the bottom of the fish tank. You can also often purchase a city of Atlantis ruins ornaments that resemble Greek and Roman ruins, but with a particularly "lost city" feel, such as lost royal arches of Atlantis or lost temples. Line the bottom of the tank with safe pebbles to add to the ambience.

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