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As Jesus began his ministry, he gathered about him a group of 12 men, or disciples, who followed him and hoped to learn from his work. The disciples helped carry the word of Jesus to others who did not yet know about it, and they were with Jesus into his last hours. Doing crafts on the disciples with your kids during Sunday school will help them learn about the disciples and their lives.

Hard Boiled Disciples

Eggs come in a dozen, and so do disciples, so do a disciple craft with hard boiled eggs. Hard boil enough eggs for each child to have 12 of them (this works best for smaller classes) and place them back in the containers. Use construction paper, glue and egg dye to personify the disciples.


Use paper bags to make your puppets by placing eyes on the top of the bag's fold and using the fold for a mouth. Decorate the body with crayons and use construction paper strips or yarn to make hair for your disciples. You can use regular glue to help everything stick.


A fisherman's boat is mentioned often in the Bible, specifically with Peter casting his fishing net and Paul's missionary voyage (although Paul is not one of the 12 disciples). Use craft sticks and glue to fashion a boat. Stick a straw inside of the boat and glue a paper triangle to the straw to make a mast.


To take the concept of fishing one step further, purchase some fishnet tights and cut them up. Give small sections, about 6 inches by 6 inches, to each child. Have them use construction paper to create fish and glue them to the fishnet. You can hang the fish up on the wall or use it in combination with the boat craft.

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