How to Uninstall Shockwave Flash

Shockwave Flash Player is an Adobe-powered browser component media player for flash animation, video processing, and display. Shockwave Flash Player is reliable for both personal and professional use, but you may still want to explore other alternatives.

In order to make room for other flash player alternatives, Shockwave Flash must be removed properly. You can uninstall Shockwave Flash Player with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Prepare for Uninstallation

Before you remove Shockwave Flash Player, take a minute to ensure your computer's safety. Make sure all programs, applications and documents are closed to avoid freezes and response errors. The Web browser should be the only window open.

Download the Uninstaller

The uninstaller is a removal component in the form of an executable file. Simply access the Adobe Flash Player technical support site and download the executable file for the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player uninstaller (see Resources). Select the "Save" option when the file download box pops up on the screen. A file location box will appear so you can specify where you want the executable file to be stored on the computer. Click the "Desktop" action in the file location box. (Storing to the desktop is the easiest way to locate the file once it has been downloaded to the computer.)

Run the Uninstaller

Once the uninstaller is stored on your computer's desktop, close the Web browser to ensure no programs are running and no windows are open. Double-click the uninstaller's executable file link on the desktop to run the application for Adobe Shockwave Flash Player. Shockwave Flash Player will be removed automatically.


Although the Shockwave Flash Player removal may be complete, there's still one more thing you need to do in order for the computer to update according to the changes. Shut down and reboot your computer to properly configure the changes made to the system during the flash player removal. Once the computer is rebooted, all of the changes should be active on your computer.