'Zoids: Legacy' GameShark Cheats for GBA

Zoids: Legacy has a lot of content for a Game Boy Advance game, such as weapons to find and more than 100 Zoids that you can customise. Fortunately, there are GameShark codes to make things easier. The downside to having many codes is that the game's software cannot support a large number of active cheats at one time. Your GameShark will give you an error message if this happens. Just restart your Game Boy and activate fewer cheats if you experience this issue.

Infinite Gold

You have an infinite amount of gold when this cheat is active. Enter the following into your GameShark exactly as shown:

820282E8 E0FF

820282EA 05F5

Unlock All Weapons

This code allows you to access every weapon in the game. The code size is unusually largem so make sure to double-check everything before you activate.

32028219 0063

4202821A 6363

0000002A 0002

32028273 0063

42028274 6363

00000004 0002

3202827D 0063

4202827E 6363

0000000B 0002

32028298 0063

4202829A 6363

00000013 0002

Unlock All Items

Enter the following to get instant access to every item in the entire game.

420217F6 6363

00000004 0002

Unlock All Zoid Cores

No more hunting these pesky things down. This code instantly unlocks every core.

420217FE 6363

0000000E 0002

3202181A 0063

One Hit Kill

This lets you slay every enemy in the game with just one attack. It doesn't matter what type of attack you use.

42035ED2 0000

00000006 0270

Infinite Experience Points

This is a fast way to reach your maximum level. Fight and win any battle to reap the benefits.


8203EBBE 05F5

Unlock All Commands

This code will let you use any command you want, even from the beginning of the game.

420282DF FFFF

00000004 0002

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