Ideas for a husband's 60th birthday celebration

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Your husband's 60th birthday is a milestone that commemorates and celebrates the many ups and downs in life. Show your man he still means a lot to you and to the people whose lives he has touched by celebrating his big day in a big way.

Keep your budget and the honoree's preferences in mind to come up with the most suitable way of making his day special.

Surprise Party

Celebrate your husband's 60th with a surprise party for family members and close friends. Depending on personal preference, arrange the party at home (if the guest list is small) or at a rented venue (for many guests). Prepare a slide show for the party with memorable pictures for your husband's life and recorded messages from family members and friends so you can play it during the celebration. Serve your husband's favourite appetizers or desserts, select his favourite colour or theme and play his favourite music to personalise the details. Ask guests to sign a guest book before they leave, and encourage them to leave a personal message. If a full scale party seems extravagant, arrange a special dinner for family members so he turns a year older surrounded by those closest to him.


Plan a weekend trip for your husband, so the two of you can celebrate in a new setting. You can turn it into a family affair, or travel on your own to treat it like a second honeymoon. Surprise your husband with tickets to the city where you went for your honeymoon or to a location he has always wanted to visit. If a trip seems too extravagant, arrange a family picnic in a local park or go to the beach to spend the day in the sun.

New Experience

Experience something exhilarating together to show your husband that turning 60 is not the end of the world. Take your husband on a hot-air balloon ride, go snorkelling, scuba diving or take a dancing class. Take a cake and candles along, if possible. If your husband enjoyed the treat, arrange to do it every year or whenever it's convenient so you spend quality time together.

Intimate Celebration

Celebrate your husband's 60th with an intimate celebration at home. Print photos from your past and hang them from the ceiling to create a hanging picture album. Purchase a speciality wine, preferably from the year or decade he was born, along with ingredients to his favourite meal and cook it together. Arrange for a hot bath for the two of you to slip into afterwards. Place a tray of decadent chocolate or his birthday cake on a table nearby.