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Home Ashtray Ideas

Ashtrays make a great gift for any cigar lover and they add to the overall smoking experience. Inexpensive ashtrays are available at many different stores but making your own ashtray can be accomplished with a minor investment of time and resources. Many ashtrays can be made using basic items found around the home.

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Jazz Up A Coffee Tin

Take a leftover coffee tin, preferably one that held about 0.907 Kilogram of grounds, peel the label off and paint the can with colourful designs. An alternative is to remove old cigar box labels and glue them onto the sides of the tin, or even postcards. The only limit is your imagination.

Use Unique Aluminum Cans

Find six designer soda or craft beer cans and cut the lids off of each one. Take a piece of wood about 1-inch thick - old cutting boards work well - and glue the bottom of each can in place in the shape of a six-pack.

Blocks of Wood and Tin Foil

Take four pieces of wood, each about 1-inch thick and 6-inches long, and nail them together making a square shape. Pull off a large piece of tin foil and line the inside of the square blocks with the foil so that none of the wood is exposed. Make sure to wrap the foil across the top of each block because leaving any wood exposed creates a fire hazard.

Mason Jars

Take the lid off a mason jar. Peel your favourite cigar-box labels off of their original holders, dip them in a bowl of ice water and place them on the outside of the mason jar. The glue from the back of the labels will permit them to stick once they have dried.

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