Ideas to Dress a Window With Beaded Curtains

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Beaded curtains come in two major styles: a fully beaded curtain with strands of beads from a track and a beaded edge curtain where beads are used along the inside and bottom edges to add detail to the curtain. Beaded edged curtains were common to drapes of the Victorian era, and they have come back as a new trend.

Long beaded curtains were common to the Hippie era, and these too have returned in new shapes and colours for modern homes.

Whimsical Curtains

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Full-length beaded curtains are not used to provide privacy but to add a bit of colour and whimsy to a window. Beads can be long tubes, short rounds, crystal cut or even fish shaped. Beads can be mixed in a riot of colour or the entire curtain can be one colour. The design of the beads, the size and shape and colour of the beads, all contribute to how the curtain works with the decor of the room. A whimsical curtain adds a playful touch and is ideal for a room that is lighthearted and fun.

Classical Victorian

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Classical Victorian beadwork uses small size beads in a small range of similar colours as a type of fringe. The edge of the beads are often scalloped with beads used to accentuate the scallop, making the trim look very formal and elegant. This type of beading is sold by the yard in better upholstery and drapery fabric stores and is often quite expensive. The beading is added along the inside and bottom edges of the drapery and sometimes on tiebacks as well.

Texture and Color

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Beads can also be used to create a fully beaded drapery that provides some privacy and colour to the window without inhibiting the movement of air into the room. This style of beaded drape is more formal and often uses beads for their texture as well as colour. You can create stripes or other shapes and patterns within the drapery by your bead arrangement.

Homemade Beaded Curtains

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Beading curtains is a good project for children. Purchase a simple beading track, and show your children how to use a bead that fits into the track as the starting point for the beaded curtain. Select inexpensive craft beads and a roll of string. Help your child to see how they can create interesting curtain designs, and let them select the colours and types of beads they want for the curtains in their bedroom, which will help the child feel like she has a real input in how her room looks.