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Brass & Nickel Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

Updated February 21, 2017

People often give brass or nickel items as gifts for the 21st wedding anniversary. Your husband's favourite hobbies, or even some of his existing home decor, can serve as inspiration when you're searching for an anniversary gift. You can also combine a small nickel or brass gift with a special event that will help you create another anniversary memory.

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Musical-Themed Gifts

Purchase your husband a new trumpet or tuba as an anniversary gift so he can continue honing his musical skill. A small trumpet figurine set on a wooden base with a silver or gold plate engraved with your husband's initials and the date of your anniversary is a classy music-themed gift as well. In addition to the brass gifts, give present your husband with tickets to a concert featuring his favourite musician, or take him to dinner at a lounge with a band that plays covers from the artists who inspire him.

Home Decor Projects

Complete a small home decor project in your home as an inventive way to tell him "happy anniversary." Replace the doorknobs on the bedroom or bathroom with brass or nickel knobs, or give the living room a mini makeover by installing brass shelves on the wall and adding fragrant candles, or hanging a set of nickel-trimmed mirrors on the accent wall. Update the look of your bathroom with brass-coloured bath mats and shower curtains, along with large nickel vases spray-painted with synthetic bamboo shoots positioned in the corners. Complete these projects while he's away at work, so he'll be surprised -- and impressed -- with the brass and nickel-themed presents.

Nickel Jewelry

Nickel jewellery, such as a right-hand ring or a set of cuff links, is an elegant anniversary present for your husband. A tie pin, along with a silk tie and pocket square in a silver or nickel colour, is also appropriate -- and you can encourage your husband to put the items on so you can escort him to a play, the opera or a fancy restaurant to continue celebrating your anniversary. Or you can purchase a nickel wristwatch or pocket watch for him, engraved with his monogram, for an anniversary keepsake that he'll always cherish.

Brass Office Decor

A mini brass clock for your husband's desk, or a decorative wall clock for his home office is an attractive and practical gift he can use all year round. Brass bookends to house books by his favourite authors will wish him a "happy anniversary" as well -- you can include a few hardback books with your gift. A small file cabinet with brass accents is a decorative addition to his office; fill the drawers with a few bags of his favourite gourmet coffee or additional office tools like a day planner to keep him alert and organised at the office.

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