Fun questions to ask at a wedding anniversary party

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Couple-of-honour questions can be entertaining for everyone at the anniversary party. Fun questions help the couple to remember some of their favourite shared experiences. Organise questions beforehand so that you can avoid long moments of silence. Avoid questions that can bring up negative feelings or sensitive situations. Keep the tone light.

The Unexpected

Ask the couple to relay surprising situations or behaviours that they encountered with their partner after the wedding. This can include stories that talk about snoring or terrible cooking episodes. Ask the couple to relay specific instances, as anecdotes really drive the point home.


Have both members of the couple recite their favourite romantic memories, within reason. This can refer to vacations or nice dinners. Ask the couple to reveal if the romantic situation was a surprise or was planned by both parties. This question is enjoyable for all, as everyone at the party can take delight in the small acts of love that the couple participate in for each other.

Talking Walls

Have the couple relay what the walls at their house would say, if they could talk. This can be related to lazy Sunday mornings together or episodes of dancing to silly music. This type of question allows the audience to get to know the personality of the couple as a whole.

First Attraction

What first attracted the couple to each other? Ask each member to divulge information about personality traits. Encourage them to talk about specific instances that really made them fall for each other. This can refer to anything from a small gesture to an entire event.


Everyone has encountered embarrassing situations. Ask the couple to talk about embarrassing moments they were both part of. This can be a situation that only involved the couple, or additional people. Ask the couple to elaborate so that the anecdote is more entertaining.

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