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Informative Speech Topics About Cultural Diversity

Updated April 17, 2017

Presenting an informative speech about cultural diversity takes research and a strong point of view. As the speech is an informative one, you will need to substantiate your points with facts. The tone of the speech must be neutral versus persuasive. The facts presented, within your speech, should speak for themselves.

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

You can address the pros of cultural diversity in the workplace. Point out that utilising the talents of the once-called minority workers in equally substantial roles benefits the company as well as the employees. Today's marketplace consists of many different cultures; having employees that relate to a variety of cultures would be more desirable than someone who would feel uncomfortable out of his realm. You could research statistics regarding minority status in order to substantiate the growing trend.

Cultural Diversity Importance

Research different cultures and customs that would be of interest to your audience. An example of a cultural mishap is the V for victory sign, or peace sign; when given in some countries with the palm inward it is an insult. Having knowledge of a person's individual comfort zone is an example of how it is important to be aware of what is acceptable and what is not when communicating with people from other cultures. For example, many Europeans stand close to people when they speak; however, in the United States standing too close can cause discomfort to the listener.

The Land of the Same

This informative speech may be delivered by illustrating rather than stating an opinion. Begin by passing out the same colour sucker to everyone. After you do that, ask if anyone would like a different colour sucker. Ignore their responses and simply state they are in "The Land of the Same" now and everyone is the same and likes the same things. Make up a story about a village where everyone is the same and likes the same things. There are 162 customers at the restaurant but nobody to cook or wash dishes, so they all eat the same thing at the same time that the same chef prepares each day. Everyone gets along because they agree on everything. There are a few problems, however; for example, everyone agrees it is no fun to pick up garbage, so the garbage is just piling up on streets. Continue the tale with the story about "The Village of Diversity" just over the mountainside where everyone is different. Depending on which way the wind is blowing you will hear different types of music, smell different types of food. The point of this speech is for your audience to come to a logical conclusion that life really wouldn't be fun if everyone were to be the same.

Challenges to Multicultural Diversity

Create a list of questions and get opinions about the challenges of implementing multicultural diversity in any given situation. Your questions could be to students as to how they feel about other national anthems being played in school, or gay rights, and so forth. Whatever direction you go in, be able to give statistics in terms of the opinions and identify the challenge in overcoming those obstacles when trying to implement tolerance.

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