Crafts using old CDs

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CDs have become all but obsolete, so it is likely that you have a pile of old CDs just lying around. The best way to dispose of these old pieces of plastic without them ending up in a landfill is to use them in craft projects. There are a large variety of crafts that involve recycling CDs.

Candle Holder

Create a colourful and unusual candle holder using an old CD. Preheat an oven to 65 to 90 degrees C (150 to 200 F). Place the CD onto a metal cup with the label facing up. Place the cup on a baking tray and slide it into the oven. After 15 minutes, take out the sheet. Using an oven glove, fold the disc around the cup to create an unusual shape. Allow the CD to cool and harden. For a more interesting shape, press crayons to the disc while it is still hot to add colour to your disc. The centre of the disc becomes the perfect spot to hold a candle.

Disk-O Balls

CDs are also perfect for creating a light reflecting disco ball. A polystyrene ball will form the centre of your ball. The discs can be cut into irregular pieces using kitchen shears. Some are likely to splinter, so cut up more pieces that you think you will need. Wrap metal wire around the centre of the polystyrene ball twice before pressing a line to the top of the ball. Use the excess wire to create a loop at the top of the ball for hanging. Craft glue is then used to hold the pieces of disc onto the polystyrene ball. The pieces should be placed as flush together as possible.

Snowman Ornament

Use your old CDs to create Christmas decorations. Spray paint the CD and a juice can lid white on both sides. Use wiggle eyes and a small piece of orange craft foam to create the face of your snowman. A black permanent marker is used to draw on rocks for the mouth. A colourful pipe cleaner should be wrapped partially around the lid and pom-poms glued to either end to form ear muffs. Hot glue the lid to the CD. Create a scarf out of yarn or fabric and tie it around the snowman's neck; glue on pipe cleaner arms under it. For the finishing touch, add buttons and a loop of wire to hang the ornament.

Christmas Wreath

You can also create a Christmas wreath from your old, unwanted CDs. Wrap the edges of seven or eight CDs with festive ribbon. Gold, red, and green acrylic paint is used to decorate the reflective side of the CD. Make decorative elements, such as candy canes and ornament bulbs, using pipe cleaners and glue. One undecorated disc is used as the base of your wreath. Glue the decorated discs in a circle around the undecorated one to form a large ring. A metal wire should be wrapped in a loop on the back of the undecorated disc and glued securely so the wreath can be displayed.

Sunflower Sun-Catcher;

Turn an old CD into a sunflower sun-catcher. Lay an old CD onto a piece of brown construction paper and trace around it. Cut out the circle you traced and glue it to the label side of the CD. Make petals for the sunflower by cutting half circles out of yellow construction paper and glue them around the rim of the CD. Cut a stem and two leaves from green construction paper; glue the steam to the bottom of the CD and the leaves to either side of the stem. String a length of filament through the top petal of the sunflower and tie a knot in it. Use the filament to hang the craft in a window and watch as the Sun creates colourful prisms on the sunflower CD.

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