Protein-rich breakfast foods

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Many traditional breakfast foods are starch-based and carbohydrate heavy, such as pancakes, toast, waffles and many cereals. It is a good idea to have protein-rich foods at breakfast to sustain your energy level until lunch. Eating a breakfast that only contains carbohydrates can cause you to experience a crash in the middle of the morning.


Hot breakfasts often include a meat product as the protein part of the meal. Sausage links or bacon can be served alongside eggs, hash browns and grits. A breakfast sandwich can be made with a sausage patty or sliced ham served on a sliced biscuit or bagel. The drawback to breakfasts with these types of meat is that they are heavy and are often high in fat. Turkey bacon and Canadian bacon are lower fat alternatives. Adults should consume an approximate ratio of 64 grams of protein for a 160 pound male, according to the Institute of Medicine. One serving of pork sausage contains around 15 grams of protein, according to the High Protein Foods online database.


Eggs are not only a traditional hot breakfast food but a good source of protein. For a healthy option, try eating only the white of the egg. Eggs can be fried according to taste, or hard-boiled to avoid using oil or butter. Eggs can be served on their own or in breakfast sandwiches or burritos. Eggs are also combined with other ingredients to make French toast. The High Protein Foods database lists 6 grams of protein per egg.


Even if you do not have time in the mornings to prepare a hot breakfast, protein can be included in your meal. Yoghurt is a source of protein for vegetarians and health-conscious people. It is available in different flavours and in low to nonfat versions. Yoghurt can be served with fruit or granola, or can be blended with fruit to make protein-rich smoothies. A 142gr serving of low-fat yoghurt can contain approximately 5 grams of protein, according to the High Protein Foods database.

Vegan Options

If you do not eat meat or dairy, it is important that you eat enough protein during the day. There are vegan alternatives to many breakfast foods, such as vegan egg alternatives, soy sausage and soy-based yoghurt and milk. Nuts are a nonprocessed option for protein. Choose a vegan cereal that is high in nuts and check the label for how much protein it contains. Peanut butter is an energy-rich food, putting peanut butter on bread is a good way to get protein. The High Protein Foods database rates peanut butter as containing about 8 grams of protein for a 2 tablespoon serving.

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