Which are the best brands for pinking shears?

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Ask any quilters you know, and they'll tell you all sewing implements are not created equal. Especially when shears are the topic in question. The best shears all have the same qualities in common: they're constructed of quality materials, stay sharp, feel good in the hand, cut many different types and layers of fabrics easily and are backed by companies that stand behind their products by offering such services as sharpening and repair. When the conversation turns to the best brands in pinking shears, there are four companies that stand out from the crowd.


Ghinger cutting instruments are American-made in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their pinking shears are made from carbon cutlery steel that has been hot drop forged, ground and polished. The blades, points and tensions are tuned by hand, resulting in a formidable, slightly weighty and durable pair of shears that stay sharp cut after cut. Ghinger pinking shears average around £22 a pair, which isn't a bad investment from a company that backs its product by offering its own sharpening and repair services. These shears are available from a number of online retailers.


Mundial products are manufactured in Brazil. Their shears are also made by the hot drop forging process, and then fully plated for a durable product that is covered under a lifetime guarantee. Mundial is a maker of a comprehensive line of cutting instruments from top-of-the-line to scissors for children. Its mid-range Freestyle Line won the Industrial Forum Design Award for design excellence in Germany in 2009. You can find Mundial pinking shears online for around £12.


KAI shears are manufactured in Japan of stainless steel and vanadium. They're hand-polished and balanced, and are a good, top-of-the-line yet affordable pair of pinking shears. You can pick up a new pair of KAI pinking shears for around £22.


Fiskars has been a household name among quilters for over 40 years. The company debuted its first plastic-handled scissors in 1967. Fiskars brand shears feature softgrip handles and extended lower blades for picking up fabric. They retail within a convenient price range of between £13 and £26. Fiskars shears are found easily both online and in the High Street.

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