How to Sharpen a Military Glock Knife

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Glock military field knives are an inexpensive and reliable option for outdoor use. As with all knives, proper maintenance, such as sharpening, can affect how well your knife works in the field. Having a sharp field knife is actually safer and easier to use than a dull one, because it does not take as much force to cut through an object. Sharpening a Glock field knife is very similar to sharpening any other type of knife, and it only requires a few materials and a little knowledge.

Purchase a suitable sharpening stone depending on your need. Diamond and ceramic stones provide the best edge, though ceramic can be more fragile. Carbide steel sharpeners are the easiest to use, but do not provide as good of an edge. Coarse stones will sharpen the knife, whereas fine stones will polish it.

Hold the knife horizontally across the stone to get a feel for the sharpening angle. To provide the best edge, sharpen the knife at about a 25 to 30 degree angle.

Lubricate the sharpening stone with water if you are using a Japanese water stone. Other types of stones can be lubricated with oil, though this is not required and they will work with or without it.

Place the knife blade flat on the stone and slowly incline it up toward you to achieve the desired angle.

Pull the blade slowly across the stone toward you, beginning with the base and working your way to the tip of the blade.

Sharpen one side of the blade until you can see a burr form on the opposite face of the blade. A burr looks like a wire edge, and its presence means the knife edge is so thin it is beginning to fold over. When it forms in an area, move down the blade and do not continue sharpening that part of the blade.

Flip the knife over and repeat Steps Four through Six to sharpen the opposite edge face. Reapply lubricant as needed. When the knife is sharpened on both sides use a fine-grit stone to polish it.

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