Flowers Arrangements Ideas

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A flower arrangement can add so much to a room or an occasion that you want it to be creative and interesting. It does not mean you need to spend a lot of time or money to create a pleasing floral display that people will appreciate.

You can have dynamic flower arrangements using items from around your home and flowers from your garden.


Selecting a container not usually thought of for holding flowers in an arrangement adds interest and can express your personality or a theme. Anything that can hold water can be used, and even objects that cannot hold water but can hold a jar or can with water are good for arrangement containers. Look around your home to see if there is a pretty water pitcher, tea cup, or bowl you could use. Place a hidden container of water inside hollowed out squash, a boot or shoe, a colourful paper bag, fabric covered boxes, an inverted hat, baskets, or anything like these to make a creative, unusual flower arrangement vessel.


Colour plays an important part in creating a pleasing flower arrangement. You can choose to have your arrangement with a single colour, but it will be more interesting if you incorporate a variety of flowers in various shades of that colour. If you decide to use an assortment of colours for your flowers, place the most vibrant and colourful blooms in the centre of the arrangement to visually draw the eye, which then will take in the entire arrangement.


There are several flower arrangement styles you can use to help design your arrangement to fit the container, the flower types, and the location of the arrangement. The mound arrangement style is often used and the easiest to create. Simply, it is arranging the flowers to create the look of a circular dome or mound. It works well with almost any type of container, flower, or location. It can be used for small to large flower arrangements. For arrangements that will have taller stemmed flowers, a triangular or asymmetrical style and its variations will make an interesting display.


Including non-floral items in your flower arrangement is an easy way to add pizazz and personality. If your arrangement will be a part of a special occasion or holiday, add ribbon, ornaments, small colourful sayings on cards attached to straws, glitter rods, bead clusters, or small birds, butterflies, and bugs. Tree branches, either bare or with blossoms or berries, adds interest and variety. Long grasses, vines, dried leaves on branches, and seed pods can also be incorporated into your arrangement.