Ideas for Wooden Cable Spools

You can sometimes acquire wooden cable spools, which are used to transport heavy gauge wires, from construction companies that may have no further use for them. You can also find them at yard sales, junkyards, thrift stores through online sources. Phone and electric companies can be another excellent source of large wooden cable spools.


Wooden cable spools can become tables without any alteration, save for setting them on their side. However, painting, sanding and staining the spool or using a tablecloth will make these more than just temporary tables. Keep in mind that they may have splinters in them, but these are easy to remove with some light sanding.


You will need to sand the wood and paint or stain it, then cut some padding to fit on the top part of the spool. Glue the padding down so that it will stay in place. Select a fabric that matches your room to upholster the spool. Stretch the fabric over the top of the spool and pull it across the underside of the top of the spool. Staple the material in place, ensuring that it is tight and wrinkle-free.

Plant Display

Use wooden spools to display your plants outside by setting them on their sides. You can place an entire cluster of plants on a single spool, or just a few. Cut the surface of the spool back, if you wish, so that it just accommodates the plants with no excess surface area. Elevating them this way can keep plants out of reach of small dogs.

Rope Organization

Many campers and outdoor enthusiasts have many types of rope that they use for different purposes. A wooden spool can serve as a way to store them and keep them separated. By gluing cardboard or preferably wooden dividers on the spool, you can wrap multiple ropes around the base of the spool.

Ballistic Exercise

Many exercise programs utilise large boxes that you jump up on and down from repeatedly. Substituting a wooden spool, if one is available, can save a lot of time and money. Once again, turning the spool on its side will give you a surface for your training purposes that is high enough to provide an excellent workout, while also being sturdy.


If you have more than one spool, you can easily make them into a bench. You will need a plank of wood as wide as the middle area of the spools. Set both spools next to each other and lay the plank between them. To make it more sturdy, nail the plank down and place some supports on the sides of the spools to keep them from rolling. You can also flatten one side so they won't roll.

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