Window Sill Extender for Plants

ULTRA F/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Windowsill extenders--or windowsill extensions--provide a convenient way to add space to a windowsill so you can give your plants more time in the sun. This is especially helpful for people who enjoy container gardening or who want their plants to receive more light in winter.

Basic Structure of a Windowsill Extender

A windowsill extender is a piece of board or metal that's attached to an existing windowsill, braced to carry a load, then is used to display objects, including plant containers. Typically they feature a flat surface with a couple of brackets underneath that are attached either temporarily or permanently to the windowsill.

Purchasing a Commercially Available Windowsill Extender

Many garden centres, plant stores or hardware stores sell windowsill extenders, or something similar. They're also available via the Internet. Pet stores sell window extenders--usually for cats to sit on and stare out the window--but if you don't put the fleece over the top of the shelf, it will work for plants as well.

Making Your Own Windowsill Extender

As with many things, you can get exactly what you want if you take the time to do it yourself. Whether you prefer a permanent installation or a drop-down model, instructions are available to make a windowsill extender to fit your window to a T. A piece of board as long as your windowsill and as wide as you would like to extend the surface area, plus a couple of good strong L or triangular brackets, will give you the space you want.