The best brands of soy milk

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Soy milk is prepared by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water. When strained, the remaining mixture is called soy milk. In addition to being a refreshing beverage that is available in a variety of flavours, many consume soy milk for its health benefits. Consumption of soy milk reduces cholesterol and does not cause insulin dependent diabetes. Moreover, it does not contain lactose or hormones like cow milk, but contain vegetable proteins and isoflavones. Many companies have started selling soy milk in cans, bottles and Tetra Paks.

Silk Soy Milk

A product of the White Wave Foods company, Silk is a brand of soy milk and other dairy-substitute products, perfect for those who are allergic to dairy. Their refrigerated soy milk is available in natural, vanilla, very vanilla, unsweetened, plain plus Omega-3 DHA, chocolate and plain plus fibre flavours. They also have light soy milk and shelf-stable soy milk varieties. Their speciality soy milk varieties include coffee, spice, tea, mocha, chocolate mint and pumpkin spice. The company also produces soy smoothies, soy yoghurt and soy creamer in a variety of flavours. Silk is a completely vegan drink with no animal extracts added to it. Moreover, it contains no traces of wheat, wheat gluten, oats, rye, malt or barley. All products by Silk are Kosher OU-D certified. Moreover, Silk soy milk contains natural unrefined sugar and essential omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to this, an 227gr. serving contains 20 per cent of the daily recommended calcium intake.


Edensoy soy milk is manufactured using organic soya beans that are organically grown in US family farms. The Edensoy milk uses water that is purified by the reverse osmosis process that undergoes 240 different quality checks. This process makes Edensoy milk the first ever soy milk to have received the Non-GMO Project Standard compliance due to no presence of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, in it. Additionally, the soy milk is packaged in aseptic cartons that are 100 per cent recyclable, making it environmental friendly. The vanilla Edensoy extra organic soy milk contains pure vanilla extract, gentle unrefined sweeteners and bio-available vegan quality vitamins and calcium.


Manufactured by Hain Celestial Group, WestSoy soy milk is rich in vitamin B2, a micronutrient essential for humans and animals for increased metabolism. This soy milk brand contains the highest potassium and vitamin A content as compared to other brands. Moreover, at the same time it is the lowest in terms of calories offered, making it an ideal fitness drink. WestSoy has its range of soy milk that is categorised under low fat, lite, plus, non fat, organic and unsweetened categories. Its speciality drinks include soy slender (contains Splenda -- available in chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino and plain flavours), soy shakes (vanilla and chocolate flavours) and longevity soy drink (helps promote heart and digestive health).

Pacific Natural Foods Soy Milk

Pacific Natural Foods soy milk is rich in proteins and vitamin A and D. Pacific aims to utilise the highest quality organic soybeans. This gluten-free, wheat-free, yeast-free soy milk is also rich in calcium and very low on fats. Pacific's soy milk is available in three flavours: plain, chocolate and vanilla.

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