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Signs that a married man might like you

Updated April 17, 2017

It is a fool that looks for logic within the chambers of the human heart, and the reasons for a married man to be interested in someone other than his own wife varies from person to person. With 50 per cent of marriages ending in divorce, the likelihood that a married man may like you is very likely. Even if these feelings are unrequited or not, the signs that a married man may like you aren't that different than if a single man might. The stakes are only higher for the married man.

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Check Out a Married Man's Body

In order to know if a married man likes you it is important to take note of his body language. A man who is interested in you will mirror your movements. A person who is emotionally engaged often will modify their habits to mirror the person they are interacting with. Although this is an unconscious act by a man, a man can speak volumes if he copies your movements when you are talking with him. For example, if he leans in when you lean in to talk. Furthermore, he will be less likely not to face you while talking to you. If he faces you often without his arms crossed as he talks to you, that means he is receptive to what you are saying.

Where Does this Married Man Hang?

Hanging in any aspect is suspect of a married man liking you. For example, allowing his gaze to hang a little longer on you could be a sign that he likes you. Men are visual, and staring a little longer at you may mean he sees something he likes. Additionally, if a man finds excuses to hangout at your desk or door can be another sign. This is an obvious ploy to be near you. Finally, extended physical contact. If he lingers longer with a hug, or he touches you for more than two seconds it's a big red alert. He is essentially testing the waters. If you move away from this, the married man may not pursue. Alone each of these may seem like nothing, but don't fool yourself if these are all together.

Listening to What a Married Man Says

Listening to what a married man tells you can be as important as what he does. A man will constantly compliment you if he likes you, but, since he is married, he will attempt to be discreet usually. He will find someway to compliment every aspect of your being from your intellect to your dress. He may show interest in things you do or talk about. He wants to get to know everything about you. Furthermore, a married man who likes you will attempt to make future plans where you both could be together alone.

Pursing a Married Man

Although passions may sweep you into the arms of a married man, you must be careful. No one plans when love will happen, and the married man who likes you may be truthful. But if he is lying just for a fling, this can be devastating for all involved. Tread carefully.

If you are not interested in this new found attention, remind the married man that he is married and these advances makes you feel uncomfortable.

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