Which Hydrangeas Are Fragrant?

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When designing a flower garden it is important to consider its shape, size, colour variations and fragrance. Some flowers are aromatic, while others simply provide colour. The hydrangea can often be overlooked for fragrance when competing with the rose bush and lilac, but the flower itself can be charming, providing a subtly sweet scent with a cool undertone of freshness and hint of spice.

Oakeaf Hydrangeas

The flowers of oakleaf hydrangeas are identified by their large cone shaped bundles or clusters of blossoms. The flowers are durable, and often last throughout summer into early autumn.

While oakleaf hydrangeas are valued for their colour as they turn deep shades of scarlet, burnt orange and crimson in the fall, they are more appreciated for their sweet scent. They have a distinctive aroma of honey that does not fade away at the end of summer but continues into the fall.

Pee Gee Hydrangeas

Pee Gee hydrangeas are native to the mountains of Japan, and have been extensively bred to grow in gardens in the northeast United States. The Pee Gees are the only hydrangeas which can be pruned into a tree shape.

The flowers can be identified by the full tufts of white blossoms that form in early summer then fade into a light pink by fall. Their aroma is also sweet while not overpowering.

Climbing Hydrangea Vines

Climbing hydrangea vines are considered by some to be a nuisance because of their size. Many of these vines can climb and grow to over 50 feet. They have a redeeming quality in their brilliant white flowering caps which protect smaller flowers within. The flowers are fragrant and provide a sweet aroma.

Hydrangea Care

It is important to prune hydrangeas in the summer months and to water the plants regularly to prevent drought. The faded flowers should be pruned again before the onset of winter. Any dead or weak stems should be removed.

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