Gifts for a 13th wedding anniversary for him

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Traditionally, married partners give each other items made out of lace for their 13th anniversary, such as lingerie, lace-detailed clothing, or items made out of lacewood. These gifts are not appropriate for most men, so you will instead want to pull from the modern gift categories of leather, fur and textiles or the gemstones of malachite, moonstone or citrine instead. Use your imagination to give the perfect 13th anniversary gift.

Give 13 Of Something

Get creative and think items to give your partner that add up to the number 13. Consider a handmade journal with one page for each year of your marriage describing the things that made that time together special, or 13 small gifts focusing on his favourite hobby. Anything involving the number 13 creates an interesting gift idea, just as long as your husband is not terribly superstitious.

Donate To A Cause

Take the fur and leather theme of a 13th anniversary and put what you would normally spend on a gift toward an animal shelter or protection agency in your partner's name. Alternatively, arrange to spend the day together volunteering with the local SPCA on a dog-walking adventure or buy a gift from a company that donates part of its profits to an animal rights organisation.

Redo The Bedroom

There are few things more romantic than creating a love nest for your partner. Take your 13th anniversary as an opportunity to redo the bedroom in a style and feel your husband loves. Animal prints or faux fur work well with the 13th anniversary theme, as do satin or velour. Add a comfortable rug, some light-blocking curtains, a soft throw and a few candles around the room to enhance the mood.

Go For Clothes

Clothes make the man, so purchase something that your husband will wear and appreciate. Give cooks or barbecue fans an apron, oven gloves or other related kitchen textiles, and surprise a businessman with a new suit featuring moonstone or citrine cuff links. For a sports aficionado, try a jersey from his favourite team, themed sports towels or a hat that shares his love for the game.

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