Grants for small businesses owned by women

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When you look close enough, you'll find ample grants available for women. There are grants for women starting or expanding a business, grants for minority women and grants for women with low income. There are also educational grants, grants for women in Christian ministry and grants for senior women. If you're a women in business or starting a new business, you'll be glad to know there are business grants as well.

Start-up Funds

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Women entrepreneurs who are just starting a business may qualify for a small grant from the Women's Financial Fund. WFF gives women in the United States who are over the age of 18 amounts from £65 to £3,250 to help with their business start-up. The Fund places no restriction on the type of business the money can be used for. Applicants must have donated at least £9 to the fund prior to applying.

Funds for Existing Businesses

Existing businesses can receive amounts of £650 to £3,250 for business expansion. Expansion can take the form of new product development, equipment purchase or developing into a new market. Whatever your reason for applying, these grants can help women over the age of 18 to grow their businesses. Applicants must have previously donated a minimum of £9 to WFF.

Quarterly Business Grant

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Every three months, the Amber Foundation Grants provides a small amount of money to help women entrepreneurs with small business start-ups. The business can be home-based or online. Grants for £325 to £650, can be used for such basic needs as upgrading equipment or website costs. In lieu of repayment, the foundation encourages grant recipients to mentor others as they are able.

Business Grants for Mothers

The Huggies MomInspired Grant program provides seed money to help mothers develop start-up businesses. The specific amount is based on the business needs and goals, but ranges from £650 to £9,750. As of 2011, at least 12 women received a grant from Kimberly-Clark, owner of the Huggies brand. Winning product ideas include a diaper bag that attaches to a car seat and a baby carrier designed to go in the shower or pool, leaving the parent's hands free. The grant rewards women who see a need and act on it.

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