What are Paper Air Fresheners?

Paper air fresheners are the scented pieces of cardboard you often see hanging in the windshields of cars. They are designed to make a small space smell good, are inexpensive, and usually last for at least a month if you use them as directed on the back of the package. If there is a specific scent you like, but can never seem to find, you can also purchase unscented paper air fresheners and add your own scent to them.

Pre-Designed Paper Air Fresheners

Any time you walk into a petrol station, convenience store, auto parts store or most any other type of store, you can purchase paper air fresheners in the automotive section or in the checkout lane. These are often shaped as a tree and come in every scent you can think of, from new car smell, leather, and fruit to trees and tropical breezes. Other times, they may be shaped as flowers, animals or other objects depending on their scent.

Unscented Paper Air Freshener Blanks

If you enjoy a specific scent that you have trouble finding, you can purchase unscented paper air fresheners online and add your own essential oils or candle oil. These are perfect for anyone who likes to get creative. Unscented paper air fresheners are simple brown pieces of cardboard; apply a few drops of oil and let it soak into the fibrous board.

Special Ordering Air Fresheners

Some online companies create a special scent for a fixed price. These can be somewhat expensive but if it is something you really want, it could be worth the expense. Scents such as celery, banana and even cheeseburger are all possibilities.

Bulk Paper Air Fresheners

When you go to an auto parts store, often you can pick up a bulk package of paper air fresheners. These come in sets of scents like tropical which could include coconut, mango, pina colada, while another package might have "fresh" smells like sea breeze, new car scent and leather. This is a great way to keep a selection on-hand.

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