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Cool Gift Ideas for a 33-Year-Old Guy

Updated April 17, 2017

Celebrate your friend's or family member's birthday with a gift he can keep or remember for years. Whether he's an adventurous spirit forever seeking physical excitement or considers dining out a cool, engaging experience, numerous options are available. Personalise gifts by engraving them and ask girlfriends or spouses for ideas if you're at a loss for ideas. Highlight a past memorable event or experience or focus on goals he's yet to reach.

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Follow the Threes

Help the birthday boy reflect on his life prior to reaching the age of 33 by giving a gift that highlights when he was 3, in the third grade, 13 and 23. Hire a local artisan to paint an oil on canvas or wood, splitting the painting into four different sections, one to reflect each number. Include pets, toys, a childhood home, hobby or favourite article of clothing in images.

Sports Enthusiast

If you're birthday guy appreciates the outdoors or has a love of anything sports oriented, giving a gift that reflects physical activity or his favourite sport, team or player is appropriate. Whether he likes hockey, football, baseball or golf, numerous options are available. Retail stores and collectors offer signed pictures, jerseys or equipment. If purchasing a ticket to an event select the birthday date to attend the event. When money isn't an option, purchase space on the scoreboard and post "Happy Birthday" while watching the game.

Wine Enthusiasts

If you're searching for a cool gift with which to surprise a food or wine enthusiast, numerous options are available. Wines from the year 1933 are applicable as well as wines from the birth year of the 33-year-old. Should your guy be a traveller or have a certain appreciation for a particular location that produces wine allow these details to influence your choice. Personalise your selection by matching his personality characteristics to wine traits. For example, a cabernet is heartier than a spicy, fruity pinot noir, and white wines are generally sweeter than most red wines.

Customised Options

Give your buddy, boyfriend or family member a customised gift that speaks to his personal interest and taste as well as celebrates his thirty-third year of life. Various businesses offer items which allow a purchaser to imprint a name, phrase, year or date onto them. Puzzles, key chains, lighters and watches all apply. You can also opt to print a personalised photograph on a mouse pad, clock or camera case.

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