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70th birthday gag gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

For the 70-year-old with a sense of humour, a gag gift can provide an amusing side item to a more traditional birthday present. Gag gifts run the gamut, from any number of handmade items to things you can craft yourself. As not everyone shares the same sense of humour, take the birthday honoree's personality into consideration when deciding what type of gag gift to give.

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Geriatric Items

For the new 70-year-old who is uncharacteristically in shape and athletic for his age, a gag gift that makes fun of his senior citizen status provides a bit of irony along with humour. You could opt for an entire gift basket full of items that include geriatric vitamins, a cane, medicine dispenser and other items associated with old age. If you don't want to spend the money on many items, select one. Perhaps you and the 70-year-old have a running joke about something involving old age that you could centre the gift around.

Odd News

Do some research on the year the birthday honoree was born. Chances are that 70 years ago, some odd stories took place that may be considered funny by today's standards. Look at library news archives or search the Internet for options. As you're doing the research, compile a list of stories. You may opt to keep the list to stories on the person's exact day of birth or just the year, depending on what you find. Present the list of weird and humorous news stories in a framed list form with a short blurb of each event, or make the stories into a book that shows actual copies of the stories.

Technology Humor

People of an older generation have a reputation for not always adapting well to new technology and becoming easily confused by it. While this certainly isn't the case with many people of 70, you can still make fun of this stereotype in the form of a gag gift. You may be able to find items, like a fake plastic cell phone with one large button, or you could make one out of a piece of wood where you draw on the numbers and use a pipe cleaner for an antenna. Use your creativity to think of other items along these lines.

Easy Gag Gift

For a simple gag gift for a 70-year-old, poke fun at the notion that older people can't see very well. Make a gigantic card approximately 2 to 3 feet tall to wish her a happy birthday. Use cardboard or poster board and draw the number 70 in huge font. Attach a real magnifying glass to the card or wrap it up to give her along with it to add to the humour factor.

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