Greek christening gifts

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If you have a friend whose baby is going to be christened through the Greek Orthodox Church, you might want to purchase a gift for this special day. The Greek Orthodox Church has specific rituals and meanings behind its baptism services for babies. Purchase a gift that will help the parents adhere to the customs of the christening.

Christening Gown

Purchase a christening gown for the baby to wear before or after the ceremony. During the ceremony, the baby will be baptised without clothes. The thought behind this is that the child's sin is taken away completely through baptism and mimics the child's nakedness in the womb.


Purchase a pair of baptismal candles from a Greek christening online vendor. The candles are given to the parents after the ceremony and traditionally are used during milestones and religious occasions in the child's life. For example, when the child gets married, he would light the baptismal candles at the wedding.

Oil Basket

Purchase an oil basket to hold the olive oil the priest will use to anoint the child. The priest spreads the oil on the child's mouth, feet, hands and ears as a symbol of dedication to Jesus Christ.

Priestly Basket

Assemble a decorative basket to be used in the ceremony that includes a bar of soap, a container of olive oil and a towel. The priest will use these items during the ceremony. You can hot glue decorative fabric ribbon or silk flowers to the base or handle of the woven basket.

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