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Homemade Anniversary Gifts for 2nd Anniversary

Updated April 17, 2017

A traditional gift for a second anniversary includes anything made of cotton. Homemade anniversary gifts range from entirely handcrafted to altered items. A handmade apron or blanket offers a memorable keepsake. Altered gifts made of cotton such as an embroidered tote bag or a painted T-shirt turns an existing belonging into a homemade gift ideal for a second anniversary.

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An apron sewn from cotton fabric makes a great homemade anniversary gift for a man or woman celebrating their second year of marriage. After downloading a free pattern, such as the one offered on the website, make a list of the required materials. Sketch a design and colour scheme for the apron including any embellishment ideas such as an embroidered "Happy 2nd Anniversary." Choose the same colour scheme as the wedding or pick a fabric pattern reminisce of the honeymoon, such as a tropical print. Even those who do not know how to sew can easily make a homemade apron for an anniversary gift. Simply purchase no-sew tape from a local craft store and the iron becomes a sewing machine.

Memory Quilt

A second anniversary quilt commemorates the first two years of marriage by creating a collection of memories in cotton. The memory quilt gallery on offers inspiration for the homemade gift, including variations on the standard design. A square of fabric from the wedding dress, a section of T-shirt from a romantic getaway and a hand-stitched declaration of love all make ideal components for a handmade quilt for a second anniversary.

Tote Bag

With a little altering, an everyday tote bag becomes a handmade second anniversary gift. Additionally, a lightweight cotton tote bag creates a useful way to remember the anniversary. Fabric paint provides the perfect medium for altering a tote bag. It comes in a variety of colours, works just like standard acrylic paints and holds up through washing. Attach the tote bag to a table with painter's tape and then lightly sketch the design with pencil. Before painting, place a thick piece of cardboard inside to prevent paint from leaking through and to provide an extra flat surface.


Start with a clean cotton T-shirt and a digital photograph of the couple. Office supply stores sell transfer paper for printing the digital photo before ironing it onto the shirt. Use a computer photo program to enhance the photograph with a phrase for further personalisation. Alternately, print the phrases on separate pieces of transfer paper and iron them above or below the photo. For an extra special touch, create two matching shirts, one for the husband and one for the wife.

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