Fun Party Places for 12-Year-Olds

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Every parent knows that her 12-year-old wants a party to be fun and exciting. It can be tough to satisfy this age group, but you don't have to stress about finding a location for your 12-year-old's party. Whether she's celebrating a birthday, an achievement in school or extra-curricular activity, there are fun places for a 12-year-olds and her friends to have a party.

Pizza and Ice Cream

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A fun trip during a party for a 12-year-old is a run to a pizza parlour and an ice cream parlour. For a fun, hands-on experience, call ahead and ask if guests can make their own pizzas or ice cream sundaes. These party places are perfect because kids love pizza and ice cream, and it will keep everyone occupied.

Ceramics Studio

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Another fun party place for 12-year-olds is a ceramics studio. Make reservations for a party at a local ceramics studio where every guest can pick out her own piece and paint it. When each guest is finished painting, ask the studio to fire all of the pieces; the process usually takes about a week. Any 12-year-old would have fun at a ceramics studio because she can express her artistic side and not worry about being messy.

Roller Skating

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A roller skating rink is a time-honoured fun party place for 12-year-olds. The rink might also have an arcade room, so guests who can't roller skate or don't want to can still have fun. They even offer party packages that include drinks, food, roller skating, access to the arcade and clean-up afterward. Any 12-year-old would love to have her party at a roller skating rink because she can be active and it gives her a sense of independence.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

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The mall is a fantasy party place for 12-year-olds. Parents can set up a scavenger hunt for inexpensive or even free items. A lot of stores will give away old hangers, so that could be an item on a scavenger hunt list. Children can pick a partner to work on the scavenger hunt with, and whoever wins gets a prize. Offer a mall gift card or candy. Later, they can all go shopping and have lunch in the food court. This option gives them independence, but also allows them to work together as a team.

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