Retirement gift ideas for a 63-year-old female

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When an employee retires from a company a retirement gift is customary, especially if that individual has been with the company for a number of years. Retirement gifts should reflect the individual's interests. There are many great gift ideas for a 63-year-old woman who is about to retire.


Different monthly subscriptions for wines, chocolates, cheeses, fruits, flowers etc. can be excellent gifts for a retiring female. These can be good because they are not one-time gifts; the woman will keep receiving them for an entire year to show how much she meant to the company. Make sure the item she will receive every month is something she genuinely enjoys.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised jewellery can be an excellent retirement present for a 63-year-old woman. A watch or bracelet engraved with her name can be very special. In addition, an engraved picture frame or pen with the company name and years with the company can allow her to hold on to the special memories from the company for years to come.

Hobby-Related Gifts

If the retiring woman is a fan of golf, tennis, gardening or any other hobby, a retirement gift related to her hobby is very thoughtful. These types of gifts show that the company and coworkers really care about her interests and hobbies. A new golf bag, gardening set, or tennis racket holder are all outstanding choices. In addition, any of those items could be personalised with embroidery or monogramming.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are terrific ideas because they can contain multiple kinds of items, and they can be purchased or put together yourself to ensure that all the items will be enjoyed by the retiree. Some already-made gift basket ideas include cookie baskets, baskets with items to pamper her and wine and/or cheese baskets. If you are assembling the basket yourself, any of the items listed above are good, in addition to books about retirement or travelling, chocolates, flowers and gift tokens.