Ideas for birthday parties for 14 year olds

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The challenges involved in planning a 14-year-old's birthday party can be daunting. Fortunately, however, they are not insurmountable. You can plan and execute a fun and even adult-like party for your teen that she will adore.

Whether you choose to go out or stay in, your teen will remember her 14th birthday for years to come.


The options for birthday party themes are nearly endless. Throw a retro-themed party using the 1960s or 1970s. Play music from your chosen decade and have guests dress in the fashion of the time. Or, pick a popular book or movie series. Decorate a room of your home to resemble a place in the movie and play the soundtrack during the party. You could also choose a particular stereotype, such as jocks, goths or preps, and have everyone dress up.


Using your home can be convenient, but your 14-year-old may prefer a more grown-up venue. Take him to a professional sports game or racetrack with several of his friends or to an adventure park where they can ride go karts, play mini golf and play video games. Take her and her friends to a spa for a day of grown-up beautifying or drop them off at a big-city mall for the afternoon. Both genders may enjoy a concert or any outing at night because being out at night is more grown-up. Have a swimming party at night, take them late-night bowling or arrange a private 10 p.m. show at a local cinema.

At Home

Have the party at home to keep costs down. If you have a lawn or backyard, spread blankets, put up beach umbrellas and have a picnic party. Turn your living room into a darkened theatre and have a movie party. Cover all the windows and doorways and serve popcorn, candy and soda. You could also split the party guests into teams and devise a neighbourhood-wide scavenger hunt. The winning team gets to pick the toppings for the pizza you order afterward.


Tell your teen to pick three or four close friends and give them all a birthday adventure. Get each teen's parents' permission and take them all skydiving or bungee jumping. Or, take a road trip to the nearest big city and spend a day sightseeing and shopping. Top the day off with a Broadway show or a professional sports match. You could also head for the mountains and do an adventure hike (with a guide), go whitewater rafting down exciting rapids or take a weekend camping trip.