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Signs of having a girl or a boy

Updated March 18, 2017

Although no sufficient clinical research has been conducted on the matter, many expectant mothers find it fun and exciting to predict the gender of their unborn baby through signs and symptoms that they might be experiencing. Old wives' tales regarding pregnancy signals have been passed on for generations and generations.

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One of the most well-known symptoms of pregnancy involves intense food cravings. Pregnant women often crave foods that they don't normally like or bizarre food combinations at the strangest hours of night, such as peanut butter on apples or crisp sandwiches. It is often believed that expectant mothers can determine their baby's gender through what types of foods they crave. For example, mothers that desire sour foods (such as pickles and lemons) are going to have boys, and mothers that are preoccupied with sweet foods (such as vanilla ice cream) are going to have girls.


The way that a mother carries her baby also is considered a way to predict a baby's gender. It is believed that mothers that are carrying high are expecting girls, and on the other side, mothers that are carrying low are expecting boys.


This possible sign of pregnancy definitely favours mothers-to-be of boys. One possible signal that a mother is expecting a girl is a severe bout of acne on her face. Mothers that experience lesser acne problems are believed to be waiting for boys.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is an uncomfortable affliction that is particularly common with women during the first weeks of pregnancy. Morning sickness involves a lot of nausea, discomfort and general feelings of malaise. Many old wives' tales cite that if a woman is expecting a baby boy, she is going to experience much more severe morning sickness.

Belly Shape

Apart from whether a mother is carrying low or high, it is often believed that a person can guess the sex of a baby merely by the shape of the belly bump. Girl baby bumps are believed to be shaped similarly to watermelons, while boy baby bumps are said to look more like basketballs.

Body Hair

One unpleasant symptom of pregnancy can involve hair growth, and for women that are expecting baby boys, it is more common of a problem. Women that are expecting girls do not experience as much excess body hair growth (on the legs, arms, etc.) during pregnancy.

Face Shape

It is often said that mothers expecting baby girls tend to have fuller and more rounded face shapes, oftentimes with some rosiness. For women that are expecting boys, the face shape tends to stay more or less the same as before.

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