Fun Swimming Pools for Kids

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Swimming is a favourite summer activity for children of all ages. In many parts of the world, children spend a majority of their free time outdoors playing in a swimming pool. When choosing a swimming pool, you should consider your budget and the age of the children that will be swimming in the pool.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are typically large enough to actually swim in, and are ideal for children who have taken swim lessons or who are on a swim team and need daily swimming practice. In an in-ground swimming pool, children can play with pool toys, slide into the pool, play with an added sprinkler or fountain and play water games, such as water polo and volleyball.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools cost much less than in-ground pools and range in size from just 3 feet high to around 5 feet high. Above-ground pools can be made from metal, vinyl, fibreglass and hard plastic. Some above-ground pools are just a few feet across, while others are over 20 feet across. Above-ground pools are large enough for children to play in.

Inflatable Pools

For even less money, inflatable yard pools are another option. Inflatable pools blow up with an air pump. Some inflatable pools are very large, and come with slides and sprinklers. Some have a hood over the top to prevent sunburns. Most inflatable pools are no deeper than 2 feet, which is ideal for younger children. Some inflatable pools are much smaller, with just a few inches of water. Inflatable pools are easy to take down and store during the fall and winter.

Plastic Pools

Hard plastic pools are typically for very young children and babies. The water level is rarely over 1 foot deep. Sometimes the pools have an included slide. These pools are easy to set up and work on the grass and concrete without fear of damaging the pool bottom. Since the water level is so low, young children and babies will be safest in a hard plastic pool.

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