List of Questions to Ask at a Class Reunion

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The idea of attending a high school reunion can be overwhelming for many people. Meeting with former classmates gives you the opportunity to reflect on old memories together. You can think about the questions you want to ask weeks in advance of the reunion. Always focus on the positive aspects of your life before going to the reunion.

What do you like best about the place where you live?

Most people do not live in the same city where they went to school. Asking former classmates about their new location lets them know you are interested in learning about where they currently reside. For instance, if someone moved to a different country, ask about the different customs and foods. Even if your old friend still resides in the same town, this question can be applied to the neighbourhood she lives in.

What have you learnt?

Asking a former classmate what he has learnt since graduating allows him to reflect on his own life. Since many life lessons occur after finishing school, it can help you to know him more. Everyone forms their own opinions around events, good or bad. Sharing information about what was learnt can be beneficial for those listening to the answer of this question.

What colleges have you attended?

For anyone that wants to stick with a neutral inquiry, asking about her education after high school is recommended. You may find that you unknowingly went to the same college as a former classmate. Asking the question opens the subject up to which major she selected as well. It is a simple question that can lead to talking about her current career choice.

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