Mythical & Magical Costume Ideas for Kids

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Most young children love playing make-believe, and one way to encourage their creativity is to create or buy a mythical or magical costume. If you know a young lady who loves reading fairy tales, you can find a wide variety of costumes that will make her feel like the perfect little princess. If you are dealing with a boy who wants to win every game or race, you can choose from mythical heroes known for their bravery.


Many young children have at one point or another imagined being a mermaid. The idea of living underwater, conversing with sea creatures and having a swishing tale is fascinating for many boys and girls, and crafting or buying a mermaid costume for a child can really help them flesh out their fantasy. Some costumes come with a full outfit, including headband, top and tail; others only include the tail. However, regardless of the costume details, a child will love being able to recreate this fantasy in real life.

Fairy Princess Costume

Ranging from beautiful fabled ladies including Gwenevere, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, the list for possible fairy princess costumes is quite lengthy. Finding out which particular character your child prefers is important if you are going to try to put together a custom princess costume. Wigs can be found at party stores or wig shops in your area, and any number of online retailers provide ready-made princess costumes. However, taking an old play dress and embellishing it with ribbons, silk, tulle, organza or other lustrous fabric will yield a custom princess costume. As long as the child feels special and magical in the outfit, the costume will be a success.

Greek Hero Costume

For little boys or girls who love competing in games or have a fascination with nature, a Greek hero costume might be perfect. Achilles, one of the most famous warriors in the Trojan War, would be a relatively easy costume. Construct a fake arrow going into and out of one Achilles tendon. Odysseus, another warrior, developed the Trojan Horse scheme, so by incorporating a pair of gladiator sandals, a short toga and a small horse statue embroidered on the toga or as a static prop, you could simulate this ancient character, too. Other options include Theseus, Pelopidas, Hercules or Alexander the Great.

Superhero Costumes

Most children are excited by the magical idea of a normal person possessing superhuman powers. Superman, Ironman, The Incredibles and Spiderman are all perfect examples of this theme. Creating a costume for any of these or other superhero figures allows a child to express his creativity. Female options include Superwoman, Catwoman or Silk Spectre from the Watchmen comic.

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