What is the traditional gift for a 7th wedding anniversary?

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Each anniversary year has an assigned gift. The origins of some of these gifts make sense. For example, a 25th anniversary is celebrated by giving gifts of silver. Recommended gifts for the seventh anniversary --- copper or wool --- seem a little less exciting. If you put some thought into though, you can come up with an exciting and original traditional anniversary gift.

Copper Cooking Gifts

You don't have to give your spouse a pile of pennies to celebrate your seventh anniversary. Give a spouse who likes to cook copper cookware. Copper conducts heat better than most other metals. Its downsides are that it tarnishes easily, leaches into food and costs a lot. If pure copper cookware is out of your price range, or if you'd prefer something that won't react with food, consider stainless steel cookware with a copper base. You could also give decorative copper bakeware to adorn your kitchen walls.

Warm Woolens

Wool is the other traditional gift for a seventh anniversary. Matching sweaters are an adorable option if you're the type to wear matching clothing. You could give your wife a nice woollen dress or your husband a wool suit jacket. Knit your partner a wool scarf or hat for a personal yet still practical woollen gift. You could also get a wool blanket for your bed or a throw blanket for the couch.

Innovative Gift Ideas

A practical gift such as a sweater or new cookware may not strike you as very romantic. Buy you can give a gift that fits the anniversary's theme while still being innovative. Order a copper sculpture from a local artist or a tapestry made of wool to decorate your home. You could give a copper necklace or bracelet, too. If you both love animals, you can sponsor or adopt a sheep from an animal-rescue organisation.

Modern Gifts

If the traditional copper and wool just don't do it for you, you can opt for the modern seventh anniversary gift: desk sets. Your seventh anniversary may prove the perfect time to spring for a new home office set. Get a fancy desk blotter monogrammed with your and your spouse's initials. Other desk-related options include a personalised stationery set or a new leather briefcase.

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