Ideas to celebrate the birthday of someone who is deceased

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For many, the birth date of a friend or family member who has died provides a perfect time to commemorate the deceased individual's life. If you have lost someone close to you, don't allow his birthday to pass unnoticed, but instead celebrate his life on this day that was special to him. By planning an event in honour of someone you have lost on that individual's birthday, you can keep him in your heart and help yourself and others move on with life, filled with fond memories of the dearly departed.

Grave Visitation

Taking a trip to the grave of a deceased friend or family member on the date of her birth is an effective way to promote reflection and show due reverence to her. As this date approaches, order a grave blanket, wreath or flowers to place on your loved one's grave. Visit the grave site with friends and family to bestow the gift. At the grave site, gather around and share stories of fond memories, reflect upon funny occurrences or speak with each other about your progression through the grieving process, joining together to help each other cope.

Balloon Release

Plan a symbolic nod to your deceased loved one by arranging a balloon release with your close friends and family members. Invite those who were close to the departed individual to your home on her birthday. Before these mourners gather, purchase a balloon in the deceased individual's favourite colour and gather some slips of paper, punching holes in the corner of each sheet. When guests arrive, ask them to write down a memory they have of the individual you have gathered to honour. Gather round in the backyard or another open, outdoor area and share these memories, allowing the writers to tie their slips of paper onto the balloon string as they share the reflections. After attaching all of the memory-filled sheets, release the balloon, letting it, and the attached memories, drift off towards the heavens.

Getaway Trip

Get away from it all on the birthday of your deceased loved one. Select a location that this individual particularly loved, such as a park where he loved spending time or a city that he called home. Invite other friends and family members to join you on this trip, then head out. While on the trip, reflect on the life of the lost individual, but more importantly, focus on carrying on with your lives, living them to the fullest as the deceased individual would surely have wanted you to.

Group Volunteer Activity

Make a difference in the honour of the individual you lost on her birthday. Arrange for yourself and a group of your friends and family members to engage in a volunteer activity on this day. Select an organisation or cause that the individual you lost held dear, or one related to the cause of her death. Complete your arranged volunteer activity faithfully in honour of the decreased individual, keeping her in your thoughts as you do.

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