Fun Games to Play at Christian Women's Fellowships

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Join in the fun with your fellow Christian women by playing one of these games. The games are simple and require little preparation. You are sure to have plenty of laughs and create many memorable moments while in fellowship with other Christian women. Start your time off and in prayer, then let the games begin.

Three's Company

Write a word on an index card that is one part of three. For example, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Give out each card as the women enter the event. Provide time at the beginning of the event for each woman to find their other pairs. The three people are required to sit near each other throughout the meeting, entertainment or eating event. This will help break the ice and foster fellowship.

Been Changed

Colour code name tags of all the women who have signed up for the event. This should make even groups of four. Provide each group with several note cards with slightly altered scripture. The people in the group need to determine the correct way scripture is in the Bible.

Building Blocks

Divide the women into even groups of less than 10 per group. Provide each group with 10 building blocks. Each person is to take a turn telling one thing about herself and stack a block. The group continues in this fashion until the tower of blocks fall down.

Colour Game

Pass around a bag of M&Ms. Each person takes four or five pieces of candy. Each colour stands for a different aspect of life the person must talk about, such as red = school attended; blue = number of children; green = favourite scripture, and so on.

Guess the Bible Person

On the back of each women's name badge, place a bible name, such as Mary, Ruth, Naomi and so on. Each woman is to act out her character as she meets other women. The women can ask each other questions to solve the name of the other women's character. Women who guess correctly win a small door prize.

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