Dental Plates: How Much Do They Cost?

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Dental plates, also referred to as dentures, serve the purpose of replacing all the teeth in a certain area of the mouth. If a person has a combination of healthy teeth and teeth that need replacing, a partial dental plate can be inserted to replace the unhealthy ones. Dental plates are typically made by a dentist or a prosthodontist. Prices vary, but prosthodonists tend to charge higher fees than dentists.

Cheapest Option

The cheapest model of dental plates typically range from £195 to £325 for a single plate and from £390 to £650 for a complete set of teeth. These dental plates are usually not made of high-quality materials and can appear fake.

Mid-Range Option

Average-priced dental plates typically cost £325 to £650 each. This number increases from £650 to £1,300 for a full set of dentures. These dental plates are generally made from good quality materials and typically appear to be realistic.

Highest-Priced Option

The most expensive dental plates are typically £650 to £2,600 for each plate. A complete set can cost between £1,300 to £5,200. These dental plates are made from the best quality materials and are made to look just like real teeth.

Partial Dental Plates

A set of partial dental plates typically falls into one of three price ranges: Low-end dental plates costing between £195 to £325; mid-range dental plates costing between £455 to £1,170; the highest-priced dental plates costing between £1,300 to £2,600.

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