How Much Should I Pay a Minister at a Wedding?

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Experienced ministers at the typical church charge between £130 to £260 to officiate a wedding, according to the Cost Helper Website. This usually includes a couple of meetings before the wedding to finalise details and readings. Also, after the wedding, the minister mails the marriage license to the county.

Tipping the Minister

Although many ministers charge for their services, grooms usually give a tip to the minister or donation to the church as well. In 2010, this runs anywhere between £32 to £325, according to the Knot Website. Less expensive weddings stick to the lower end, while high dollar weddings tip towards the higher end.

Bottom Line

People should expect to pay at least £130 for a minister to officiate a wedding. The tip amount depends on the wedding budget. In any case, the tip isn't required, but at least £32 is expected, since the minister takes time out of his day to marry the couple.