Futuristic party theme ideas

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The future! What does it hold? Is it a place where humans are slaves to machines? Have we depleted the Earth’s resources to the point we had to leave the planet? Did cars finally abandon their wheels and manage to fly? Is daytime television still that terrible?

The future is an enchanting place that has sparked the imagination of many. When it comes to futuristic themed parties, if you come armed with a little creativity and a lot of fun, you can really go to town and let your mind run wild.

Machine takeover

The Matrix, The Terminator, and Wall-E are all futuristic films with the same underpinning; the machines have taken over. In fact, most ideas of our future involve powerful machines and robots that rule the world. So, ask everyone to get the tin foil out and start crafting a few futuristic robot costumes. Decorate the party area with silver curtains, silver kitchenware, silver confetti, and anything else you can get away with painting silver. Hang a few toy cars from the ceiling (yes, they can finally fly) and buy some cheap plastic buttons to stick to your silver table covers. Now you’re ready for the party food. Buy a silver cake and those little silver sugar balls. Serve drinks in a silver glass and, if you really want to go town on futuristic looking food, then cook up a silver fish like salmon for the main course. You guessed it; silver is the colour of the machine-led future.

Aliens everywhere

“The year is 2025 and they came from planet Zorgon in search of natural resources. They had consumed what was left of their planet.” Yes, you can have a lot of fun with alien themes and adding a little background story to your invitation always goes down well. As for props, get your guests to be creative and design their own alien costumes. Plaster the walls with posters of aliens, hang a couple of toy spaceships from the ceiling, and buy a few blow-up alien dolls to scatter around the place. You could also play minimal electronic music to set the futuristic tone. Food can be a little tricky to pull off. However, going to town with some green food dye and serving up green jelly with red ice cream for dessert usually passes off as “alien enough.”

Neon dreams

Get the glow sticks out, the future is here and it’s time to party. Neon just seems to have that futuristic feel about it, maybe because of films like Tron; who knows? Anyway, it’s a really easy theme to pull off. Get your guests to dress in brightly coloured clothing, write your invitations on luminous paper, and buy a few cheap coloured LED or fairy lights to set the mood. Tables can be covered easily with neon fabric and you can hang a few of those glow sticks from the ceiling. Serve food on brightly coloured plates and dessert can include colourful dishes (candy floss always works well if you want to go all out). If you’re serving alcohol, brush up on your bartending skills and make a few exotic cocktails served complete with neon straws. Cue the trance music and you’re good to go.

Spaced out

Space; the final frontier, or something along those lines, anyway. The space age has us all gazing to the stars wondering when we’re finally going to send those lazy astronauts back to the Moon or off to Mars. Space provides the perfect inspiration for a futuristic party. First, send out planet themed invitations. Next, adorn your humble party area with pictures of the cosmos, hanging cardboard planets and toy rocket ships from the ceiling and invest in a few funky space-age lava lamps (they’re cheap nowadays). Now decorate the tables in black cloth and cover them in glitter to give the appearance of the stars. Set the dress code as “future civilisations.” Your guests should hopefully enjoy the creative freedom of this dress code but if they do moan that it is vague, offer a couple of suggestions (such as an astronaut or mad scientist costume) and they’ll probably be happy. Buying a couple of packs of “freeze-dried astronaut food” or sugar pills to serve as starters is novel, but at least give your guests a healthy main meal. Rocky road looks a bit like exotic planet terrain and can work well as dessert. For music, it’s time for the electro-trance and techno again. Remember, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in the future, it’ll be that people still love to party!